Mountain Bike Coaching

Roar Outdoor offers exhilarating mountain bike coaching sessions in partnership with TheMountainBikeCoach, Bard Kerr.

These sessions are designed to take riders on an unforgettable journey through the rugged terrain of Peaslake and the Surrey Hills, teaching essential skills and techniques for mastering the trails. With Bard’s expert guidance, participants can expect to conquer challenging obstacles, improve their riding proficiency, and gain a newfound confidence in bike control. Whether you’re a beginner looking to build a solid foundation or an experienced rider seeking to refine specific skills, Roar Outdoor and Coach Bard are here to help you elevate your mountain biking game to new heights.

Private skills Coaching




1-2-1 session for a 3hr period.

We start out with a bike check to make sure the bike is set up properly for you and that you will get the most from the bike.

We will then set off on a route that will be previously arranged to suit your current level of experience.

We always aim to make sure you leave both happier and far more capable than when you come. We can focus on individual skills or on your riding as a whole and finding more speed and stability on the trails.

Example Skills covered:

  • Body Position 
  • Braking
  • Descending
  • Cornering
  • Reading the trail


Extra Person £50

Family & Group Rides

This is a ride around the local area, where we show you trails you may not yet know and get to learn a good loop out in the hills. 

We can also come to you and familiarise you with your own local area and trails great for family’s or people looking to find new routes near them.

This can be a more social ride and can be a great team building exercise or corporate day out. 

We can help to set up bike rental for you if you want to use E-Bikes, we have a great local partner to help arrange this!

£50pp Minimum 4 people 

Get in touch below to start hitting the trails