The roar ethos

Our Mission

We are passionate about simply getting people outside

There is a world of fun out there and we want to introduce as many people as possible to the natural world that surrounds them but is all too often forgotten.

Extraordinary Experiences

Each one of our sessions is tailored to the group, making sure we engage and immerse our clients, introducing them to new skills and stunning locations. 

Whatever you are looking to get out of our sessions whether it’s coaching, fitness or outdoor learning our highly experienced staff team have the skills to make it all happen whilst everyone has the most fun possible! 

Our Core Values

Our number one value as a business is to get people outdoors and enjoying themselves! We don’t want anyone to feel like they are following orders from our staff rather guided on their own personal journey to achieve their goals. This is the foundation stone of our sessions. 

We achieve this by:

Meet the team


Rich is the founder of Roar Outdoor he has been in the industry for 16 years and has spent many seasons providing activities for all types of user groups from early years and SEND groups all the way up to advanced adult coaching courses. He has a true passion helping people to experience the true joy the outdoors can bring. 


Dan has a love for all things paddle sport he is currently studying film production at Farnham Arts Uni. He has been white-water kayaking since he could walk and has spent a season in Norway as a paddle guide and loves white water SUP in his spare time.


Beth is a kindred spirt and has been in the industry her whole working life she is an expert paddler and climber, Don’t let her youthful looks fool you she has many a season under her belt and is one of the most experienced and highly skilled instructors we have ever had the privilege of working with .  



Aiden has 8+ years of instructing and is well know around outdoor centres across Surrey and Hampshire although he has many NGB’s under his belt his passion is mountain biking and can be found mostly around Swinley Forest where he also works as a coach for the Summit bike park.