Coaching Courses

Why choose us for your instructor courses?

Your in safe hands with us , as a Paddle UK (Formerly British Canoeing) delivery partners we have committed to providing clients with a first class paddling experience that embraces learning and development. Delivering fun, engaging and safe activities.


Our Coaching Ethos

At Roar Outdoor, our coaching ethos for delivering British Canoeing Paddle Sport Awards is centered on fostering a safe, inclusive, and empowering learning environment. We believe in:

  1. Safety First: Prioritizing the well-being of our participants, ensuring that every adventure adheres to the highest standards of safety and risk management.

  2. Inclusivity and Accessibility: Welcoming individuals of all abilities and backgrounds, adapting our coaching to meet diverse needs and ensuring everyone feels valued and supported.

  3. Personalized Learning: Recognizing that each paddler is unique, we tailor our instruction to suit individual learning styles and goals, ensuring personal growth and development.

  4. Environmental Stewardship: Instilling a deep respect for the natural world, promoting sustainable practices, and teaching the importance of preserving our waterways for future generations.

  5. Quality Instruction: Providing high-caliber, British Canoeing-certified coaching, focusing on technical skills, environmental knowledge, and safety awareness.

  6. Passion for Paddlesports: Sharing our love and enthusiasm for paddlesports, inspiring our participants to develop a lifelong passion for these activities.

  7. Community Building: Creating a sense of community among paddlers, encouraging teamwork, collaboration, and the sharing of experiences and knowledge.

  8. Continuous Improvement: Committing to our own ongoing professional development to remain at the forefront of paddlesports education and leadership.

We strive to create not just paddlers, but ambassadors for the sport, equipped with the skills, knowledge, and passion to explore waterways responsibly and joyfully.

All of our coaching course are delivered from our Paddle base at Godalming Wharf on the River Wey in Surrey

Current Course Dates

Paddlesport Safety & Rescue 

This Paddle UK (Formerly British canoeing) Couse is the start of your paddle coaching journey. 

The Paddlesport Safety and Rescue Course aims to provide paddlers with the key safety and rescue skills required to operate safely and to be able to deal with common problems in a sheltered water environment.

The course is designed for all paddlers irrespective of their chosen craft. The objective is to introduce, explore and practice simple strategies and safe skills that can provide the paddlers with the tools to solve common paddling issues.

Throughout the course, candidates will explore simple strategies and safe skills that can provide the tools to solve common paddling issues. The course content focuses on rescuing from the paddlers specific craft and covers equipment, safety frameworks, as well as a range of rescues including contact and towing rescues, self-rescues and deep water rescues.

The Paddlesport Safety and Rescue course is a 6-hour programme that consists of 6 modules.

  • Clothing and Equipment
  • Safety frameworks
  • Contact and Towing rescues
  • Self-rescues
  • Deep water rescues
  • Reflection and development

More Dates Coming Soon

Paddlesport Instructor 

The Paddlesport Instructor qualification is designed for instructors running paddlesport taster/starter sessions within the safety management systems of clubs,centres or other organisations in:
● ‘Very Sheltered Water’ environments;
● craft deemed suitable for a first time experience.

The qualification will support the instructor with practical skills such as kitting up a group and getting afloat, initial familiarisation activities, games and activities to support learning and how to use mini journeys to support learning, inspire adventure and exploration. This will be enhanced with support on how these sessions can be delivered in a way that is enjoyable, safe and rewarding.

The qualification is designed such that the instructor can choose the craft from which they work (one of: kayak, open canoe, sit on top, or stand up paddleboard); and can look after others in a range of stable craft (kayaks, open canoes, sit on tops, and
stand up paddleboards); as both single craft and mixed craft session.

Paddlesport Instructor Overview

Minimum age 14 years

Duration 2 Days

Paddle UK ( British Canoeing) Awarding Body Paddlesport Safety and Rescue course