How to book

Booking Private Lessons

When booking a trip only choose a session for the number of paddlers over the age of 8

You can then add  under 8’s (sharing a board with an adult) as extras 

This will allow you to get our best price for your family.


You are a family of 5 with two adults, a 16 year old, one 14 year old and a 6 year old.

  1. Choose sup session for 4
  2. Add one under 8 as and extra

Booking places on a Mixed Group Sesion:

These are for a mixed group for adults and over 16s, which can be booked by individual paddlers.

Book for yourself and add others coming with you.


  1. Choose Mixed Group Paddleboarding Lesson
  2. Select the number of people you are bringing
  3. Press the CONTINUE button

CONTINUE – Select the date and session time from the calendar and then continue to payment.